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Here is how it all started!

Water internally with brown staining and what I thought was some kind of rot – which eventually turned out to be the metal plaster beading rusting

The house (semi on the left) was built in 1926 and the foundations are stone


One of the things on the seemingly enless todo list was to replace the cast iron downpipe which was dumping water on the patio next to the wall

To temporarily solve the issue of the downpipe dumping water next to the house I ran a pipe across the patio then via a temporary pipe into the manhole at the bottom (we already have a combined drain)

I dug out a slab and mortar – it was soaking and the wall damp. In the photo left the plinth around the bay window is on the left and the stone external wall foundations at the top

The new patio is about 4 inches higher than the original and I wonder how long the problem has existed since there are Knaupen damp “vents” which will be removed

I then started cutting away slabs/mortar from the wall (there is also a plinth around the bay window)

When it rains there is pooling on the old patio


Left to right 

New patio, old patio, foundation stone, dpc, walls

Left to right

New patio, old patio, plinth around bay window

I also noticed that the steps below the patio doors were breaching the DPC. I started by removing the top slabs and some of the mortar adjoining the wall

Once the wall started drying I could see a patch that was concrete coloured not like the original lime render…………………

I started gently chipping away at the concrete and yes they really had sealed an air vent !!!

You can see here the newly exposed air vent now time to get the steps away from the DPC

Here the rain is falling from top of the reveal onto the uVPC sill (noisily!) and dripping on the foundation stone right at the level of the DPC!

Questions ??

What to do with the bottom of the plinth

How to resolve water pooling on the horizontal stone section

How to redirect water coming off the sill

Remove the old patio

Permanent soution for downpipe